Wood Rot Repair In Milford CT

Wood Rot Repair In Milford CT

Wood Rot Repair by Connecticut Handyman Services experienced and insured. We have been repairing wood rot for the last 2 years and have had many positive reviews. We are the best there is when it comes to our handyman services. We guarantee your satisfaction or I don’t want your money.

Wood Rot Repair Comes In Many Forms

For instance, I started doing wood rot repair on decks. Then people were asking me to repair wood rot around door frames and windows. It grew from there. But I really got schooling when I started doing wood rot repair for DiGiori. They call it “rot remediation”.

I then started repairing wood rot on the sides of houses, rafters, sill plates, and rim joists. I am now working on a project in Woodbridge CT where the whole side of the house is rotted. (see image below)

wood rot repair milford ct

Can Wood Rot Be Repaired

Yes, any wood rot can be repaired. Depending on the function of the rotted wood, sometimes the rot can be repaired using a two-part epoxy. But if the wood rot is structural like a Sill plate or joists those kinds of wood rot repairs require replacing or sistering another piece of wood that will support the structure.

Is Wood Rot Repair Expensive

The expense of the wood rot repair depends on the function of the wood and the extent of the damage that has been done. Most of the time a homeowner has no idea they have rotted joists or rotted framing like the example in the image above.

All the homeowner knew is that he had some wood rot but had no idea of the extent of the damage. In the case above the whole backside of the home was rotted due to water issues caused by none functioning gutters.

This is an extreme case and has cost the homeowner 10’s of thousands of dollars for the wood rot repair.

On the other hand, I have done brick molding or door framing wood rot repair for under $100. So that is from one extreme to another. It just depends.

How do you fix rotted wood without replacing it?

As mentioned above you can use wood of the same dimensions and sister them together to create a structural bond. If the wood rot repair isn’t structural then you can use two-part epoxy to replace the wood rot.

The best advice I can give is to have Connecticut Handyman Services come out and look at the wood rot in question. I can then tell you my thoughts and give you options for your rot repair.

Most of the time your home will inevitably have rotted wood because of paint failure or just plain neglect. If you notice any rotted or rotting wood anywhere around your home it is best to get it taken care of as soon as possible before the damage gets so bad it gets to the extreme and costs thousands to repair.

Call Connecticut Handyman Services 240-882-7183

I pride myself on prompt services and customer satisfaction. I have Google reviews of many happy people that I have helped over the years. I am also not the least expensive but most certainly not the most expensive home service provider out there.

My goal is to honestly help people and make their lives easier by easing the burden of home repairs that they do not feel comfortable doing.

Can Home Owners Do Their Own Wood Rot Repair?

Of course, they can. When I first started I knew nothing about repairing wood rot. I had to watch YouTube videos to learn how. But if you are to busy or do not want to attempt the wood rot repairs yourself give me a call… 240-882-7183

How To Use Drywall Compound What You Need To Know

How To Use Drywall Compound What You Need To Know

Learn how to use drywall compound like a pro. These are simple things you need to know to use drywall compound successfully. It isn’t hard it just takes practice. There are many different variations of drywall compound. But in this post, we will talk about the most popular with homeowners: the all-purpose compound.

How To Use Drywall Compound All-Purpose vs Light All-Purpose

What Kind Of Drywall Compound Should I Use

When it comes to all-purpose drywall there are really two kinds…

  1. All-Purpose
  2. Light All Purpose

Most homeowners will choose the premixed all-purpose compound. The difference between the light all-purpose and the regular all-purpose is that the light all-purpose is easier to sand. Most professionals prefer the regular all-purpose because it provides a more durable finish.

how to use drywall all purpose
courtesy Fine Homebuilding

Before you use the pre-mixed all-purpose drywall compound normally you need to add a little water to it and mix it up. This makes it easier to use and takes out a lot of the air bubbles. You can put as much as you need in a drywall pan and use a paint stick to stir a little water in it. And I do mean a little at a time for a yogurt-type consistency

How many coats of drywall compound should I use?

For most applications, you will need to use three coats of drywall compound with 24 hours between coats. If the coats are thin they could dry in a few hours but letting each coat sit for 24 hours will let them fully cure.

How To Apply Drywall Mud (Compound) Smoothly

How To Use Drywall Compound

For the most part to apply drywall compound smoothly you first should repair the drywall compound as described above using water and stirring it with a paint stick in a drywall pan.

Then using a 6 Inch Drywall Knife put a small amount on the knife and push the drywall compound into the repair area. Then use the drywall knife to smooth it out. Let dry for 24 hours, sand lightly, and apply a second coat of drywall compound fanning it out past the first layer. Do the same thing with the third coat, then prime and paint.

Sand Between Each Coat Of Drywall Compound

Between each coat of compound you want to sand lightly to get the ridges out and make it smooth. Also with each coat feather the edges out further than the last coat making the last coat as thin as possible.

How Long Can You Keep Drywall Compound

This is a good question and the short answer is about a year if the drywall compound is kept in a dark dry place with the top firmly sealed. I myself have kept drywall compound in my work truck for that long under hot and freezing conditions.

I have found out that if the drywall compound freezes you can still use it when it thaws out by just using water and a paint stick as described above. Just note that drywall compound does come with a use-by date and using it after that would be at your own risk.

Can I Use Light Weight Drywall Compound For Taping?

It is not recommended to use lightweight drywall compound for taping. Most professionals won’t use it because light drywall compound has fewer binding agents than regular all-purpose drywall compound.

Why Does My Drywall Mud Crack

In my experience, the only reason for the drywall compound to crack is if you put it on too thick. I myself will slap it on thick if I need to fill a big void. I do this on purpose. It does crack because drywall shrinks when it drys. But with the second coat, you can fill in those cracks. Then the third coat will smooth it out.

I hope this helped you learn how to use drywall compound enough to do simple repairs in your home.

My Door Doesn’t Close Right 5 Easy Door Fixes Anyone Can Do

When people say to me my door doesn’t close right, the first thing I check is the hinges. 99% of the time this is the problem why most doors don’t close right after a few years. This is easy to spot by looking at the door itself. If the door isn’t centered in the opening the hinges are most likely to blame.

Why Do Hinges Fail

Hinges themselves do not fail. The hinges fail to hold the door in place properly when the installer uses short screws. These screws overtime work themselves out of the mounts causing the door to hang wrong and start rubbing. It is gradual and at first, it may seem like nothing. But as time goes on the door eventually sticks or won’t close at all.

my door doesn't close
Image courtesy carpentry-tips-and-tricks

In almost all cases this problem can be fixed by installing a longer screw in the top hinge. Replace all three screws with longer ones and the door should be sucked back into position.

My Door Doesn’t Close Unless I slam It

A lot of times a door won’t close right and needs to be slammed shut if the door latches are out of alignment. The reason this might happen is faulty installation or if you have just recently weatherproofed the door.

The weatherproofing will make the door not close because it is to far from the strike plate after installation. The easy fix is to take your strike plate off of the door frame. Then stuff the old screw holes with toothpicks and cut them flush with the door frame.

%CT Handyman%
courtesy WikiHow

Then just move the strike plate forward just a little and insert the screws. This should take care of the problem.

Door Doesn’t Close Because The Strike Plate Is Misaligned

If the strike plate is misaligned the door will not close unless you slam or lift it into place or won’t close at all. You need to look at how the latches are aligned with the strike plate. The strike plate may be higher or lower than the latch or in front or in back.

Once you know how the latch aligns up with the strike plate it is a matter of taking out the strike plate screws, filling the holes with toothpicks as pictured above, and screwing the strike plate back in the correct spot.

Note: If the strike plate is too far off you may need to make the hole bigger behind the strike plate so the latch can do its job.

Door Doesn’t Close Because The Door Is warped

Doors can get warped from excessive moisture or naturally. Either way, if you see that the door doesn’t close and it looks like the top or bottom is sticking out from the frame your door can be warped.

If the problem isn’t too bad you might be able to move the stops so the door closes right. If it is too saver you will need to replace the door.

The door Doesn’t close because the frame is warped

This is another case that rarely happens but it doe from time to time. The only solution here is to just replace the door.

Most of the time a door that doesn’t close right is just a simple fix. But when it isn’t know when to call a professional. If you are having trouble with doors in Milford CT and need help don’t hesitate to call Connecticut Handyman Services at (860) 544-5105 or (240) 882-7183

CT Handyman Serves the greater Milford CT area including Orange, and West Haven Connecticut. I pride myself on being on time everytime and I will return your phone calls.

3 Tips To Help You Hire The Best Handyman In Milford

3 Tips To Help You Hire The Best Handyman In Milford

Hiring a handyman in Milford? Inexperienced DIY enthusiasts can do more harm than good. If you’re interested in preserving domestic harmony, hiring a handyman is a great idea. A trained professional takes care of the repair and maintenance tasks, identifies potential issues, and prevents them from turning into costly problems.

Whether you need to replace fixtures, install a drywall or home electrical system, or undertake basic property maintenance, here are a few tips to help you hire the best handyman services in Milford.

Do You Need A Handyman Or A Contractor?

Regulations regarding what handymen can do vary from state to state. But generally speaking, they take care of repairs that don’t require special licensing. The tasks don’t cost much and can usually be done by a single person. Think, installing shelves, gutter cleaning, power washing, etc.

While handymen in Connecticut do not need a state license to work, some states require a home improvement contractor license to operate as a handyman.

On the other hand, contractors oversee and manage residential and commercial projects that other professionals typically bid. They hire and manage construction crews and specialists like plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc.

To put things in perspective, while a handyman would be hired to fix a clogged sink, the contractor would be hired to replace or remodel your kitchen.

Search For The Handyman In The Right Place

handyman in milford

Finding the best handyman services in Milford starts with searching in the right places. Advertisements aren’t the best place to begin. Social review sites like Yelp and Trust Pilot offer detailed information about local service providers. You can find their phone number, address, website name, reviews, and other information on Yelp. Reviewers also post photos of the handyman’s work to help you decide if the work is good.

Angie’s List is also a trustworthy resource for reading reviews about different service providers, including handymen in Milford. But this is a paid-for business directory, and only paid members are allowed to post reviews.

You could also go the traditional route by asking friends and family for recommendations or check community bulletin boards. The local hardware store is also an excellent place to find reliable professionals.

Make Sure They Communicate Clearly

When looking for a handyman in Milford, make sure they are courteous. But most importantly, they must communicate clearly. A reputed handyman explains clearly who he is, what he does, and why he are suitable for the job.

How does the handyman react when a job isn’t what he initially thought it would be? He also tries to make sure everyone is on the same page. This ensures that jobs move faster and with fewer mistakes.

When you contact the handyman for an inquiry, he should follow up with a response within 24 to 48 hours. He must also follow up on a quote, ensuring you are happy with the price and providing an invoice immediately after the job is completed.

If you are looking for a handyman you can trust, call Rey Albert of Connecticut Handyman in Milford, CT.  Rey started his handyman business in the 2018s and hasn’t stopped yet. He is reputed for his professional approach and affordable service.

Visit https://connecticuthandymanservices.com/ to learn more.

How to Power Off Grid Affordable Breakthrough You Gotta See

3d solar panels

how to power off gridHow to Power Off Grid Affordable Breakthrough You Got to See. This simple 4 square foot vertical tower breakthrough will take the place of any other option today and will deliver 2000% more electricity compared to traditional solar panels. This is mobile, move it anywhere you want with ease.

Powering Off Grid usually means you have to use a generator or windmill, or solar panels. These are bulky, not mobile, and for generators, you need some sort of fuel for them to run.

But that isn’t the case for this technology that was discovered back in 2012 by MIT.

Did you know that traditional solar panels waste 85% – 90% of the energy they get from the sun being highly inefficient. But the discovery by MIT actually closed the 85% – 90% gap that reduced energy waste almost entirely.

You Would Think This Would Have Revolutionized The Solar Industry

This would have made solar energy affordable for everyone reducing the cost per kilowatt almost 10 times making the cells 100% efficient for the same base.

But for some unknown reason, this breakthrough was covered up for almost 7 years

This small 4 square foot vertical tower is virtually an endless self-sustained power source that will work even if it is cloudy. Making it the perfect power source for off grid applications or even your home.

This unit is literally 4 foot high, a lightweight, solar power plant that can be placed anywhere. So it is extremely versatile and portable.

This small unit can reduce your power bill, power up a cabin can be used as a stand-by generator, or as a generator for camping and fishing or for emergency situations.

Watch The Video Below To Learn How To Power Off Grid or On Grid

To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Cut Utility Bills in Half

clickable video

The system you are looking at is full 3d giving up to 2,000 percent more electricity than regular solar panels. This has been proven by MIT researchers. Here’s what engineering.com has to say about 3d photovoltaics. Photovoltaic panels are typically attached to the roof of a building with a fixed mount.

The panels are optimized to face south in the northern hemisphere and tilted at an angle that optimizes production. Unfortunately, a fixed mount only optimizes the array for one time of the day one day of the year PV panels work best when the sunlight hits the panel exactly perpendicular to the panel itself.

solar farm

Solar farms use tracking motors or a robotic method of adjusting the panels so they always face the Sun directly. This is fine for utility-scale solar farmers but for individual buildings and small-scale production, the motors add a lot to the cost and complexity of the system while not increasing your production enough to justify those costs. In those cases, it’s more often cost-effective to simply purchase more PV panels especially since their prices decreased a lot.

Of course that requires a larger footprint as you can see in the photo and land isn’t cheap. Researchers at MIT are wondering why PV designers insist on thinking in only two dimensions. They’ve come up with a novel approach 3d structures. Sunlight can reach panels directly as shown in this photo but light also reflects off of various surfaces on the ground.

With panels facing the Sun the reflective light reaching the PV panels is negligible. Using this 3d arrangement, the reflected light reaches the panels that are angled downwards. The downward-facing panels also grab sunlight when the Sun is lower in the sky such as early morning late afternoon and in the winter.

3D array

MIT researchers first developed a computer model that ran simulations to determine the optimum configuration of panels for consistent energy production throughout the day and the year.

Then they built several models and attach them to the roof of an MIT lab building. Field testing showed that the 3d array generated 200 to 2,000 percent more than a fixed array with the same footprint.

So your next question might be where do I buy some

Well, the answer is not that simple and as you might think. Even if this technology has been researched a few years ago no one actually got interested in manufacturing these panels. You might think that there must be an error to the design or something similar.

But the truth is that this goes much deeper than that. The design works perfectly as MIT researchers specified. I’ve personally built a small array of these panels and put it to the test.

In doing some side-by-side tests. The result was with a regular solar panel occupying an area of 2.6 feet by 4 feet generated a total of 80 watts. An array of 3D solar panels occupying the same space is generating an astonishing 1,000 watts.

In modern days the solar cells are very cheap and space to mount these panels become the main concern when it comes to generating thousands of watts of electricity that’s needed to power up a house or apartment.

Think about this, if you build three of these panels you have enough electricity to power your washing machine, one big fridge, a computer, and your efficient light bulbs from the entire house.

It’s true that this is bare to the limit but four panels would give you enough juice even on cloudy days. I am NOT going to do more math to show you how much money you’ll be saving by starting using these panels and I am NOT going to give you the “sell it back to the electricity company” speech as that’s less likely to happen anyway.

Only if you’re looking at this from a business point of view and have available enough room to install 10 or more of these 3D arrays.

Anyway, you all know how much you are spending on electricity each month and that you might find this useful in other situations as well where electricity is needed. Such as going fishing with the boat, camping or a survival scenario.

The applications of these 3d solar panels are endless electricity that is needed everywhere you go, and is used in almost all day-by-day items that you own.

Here’s the deal. I said from the beginning that I will keep it short. Building these 3d solar panels might look simple to replicate from the pictures released by MIT but there’s a lot of research into the angles chosen material dimensions type and number of cells that are used to build the 3d solar panel towers.

On top of that… I’m going to show you exactly what materials to use in order to get your panels built four times cheaper comparing to what a regular user would spend on materials.

Everything is put into a nice step-by-step video tutorial series. Each step is clearly described and made as easy as possible for everyone to follow. There is over eight hours of video compressed down to a little over one hour and ten pages of documentation and blueprints which will help you to build your first 3d solar panel as easily as possible.

Watch The Video To Learn More

clickable video


Getting this level of quality and making videos so explicit is not an easy task. You can now spend the extra seven hours cut for these videos to build a couple of 3d tower panels and get them installed in the same day that you decide to watch these videos.

Here’s what I have for you. A simple step-by-step video guide on how to create 3d solar panels. You will see how to build the panels in detail.

It’s like it is being built right in front of you… Once your first panel is constructed you can enjoy savings of $80 or more. Some people even went through the legal process and registered their panels and have power companies sending them a check of around $250 every month for all the electricity they are putting back into the grid.

You’ll be able to power up any kind of household appliances from lamps and toasters to electricity hogs like refrigerators and AC units.

You can even power up a remote cabin in the wilderness and stop worrying about having to pay the electric company $50,000 or more to hook you up to the grid. What’s more important is that these 3-d solar panels are built light and robust. They are portable, and it makes for one of the best emergency generators you can ever hope for.

Unlike flat solar panels, they won’t get blown off the roof by strong winds and hurricanes. Not only that but the 3d solar panels are built in a modular fashion and it makes it very easy to replace any part at any time without having to disassemble the entire system.

The bottom line is this if you want to cut the cord and free yourself from the electric company you will need to build your own 3d solar panels. The MIT intricate designs are translated into plain English so that anyone no matter what age or skill can make their own electricity and even get off the grid.

Here’s what you’ll find inside this simple step-by-step video guide.

  • How to build a 3d solar panel in under an hour
  • The complete blueprints color photos and step-by-step instructions to make your 3d solar panel even if you’ve never assembled anything in your entire life.
  • The amazing secret of getting your solar cells five times cheaper anyone can buy thousand-watt solar cells for under $100 with this simple trick.
  • Plus how to outsource the construction of the panels through an electrician for under $100 if you are really lazy.

Watch The Video To Learn How To Get Your System

%CT Handyman%

Now You Know How To Power Off Grid You Need To Store The Energy Somehow

The 3 Best Batteries For An Off Grid System

It’s the question that anyone using alternative energy inevitably asks at some point…

What are the best batteries for an off-grid energy system?

Because of the falling prices of renewable energy systems, more and more people are looking to use alternative energy sources as a way to:

  • Save money
  • Become more energy independent
  • And break their dependence on the big energy companies

Solar Battery Bank With Reconditioned BatteriesHowever, installing a renewable energy system, in most cases, requires you to make a considerable initial investment that you won’t get back for several years.

One of the biggest expenses associated with alternative energy systems is the batteries in the battery bank.

So choosing the correct batteries for your off-grid system is crucial (and keeping the batteries alive as long as possible is also critically important)!


How To Bring Old Batteries Back To Life Again

%CT Handyman%

Maverick battery restoration expert Tom Ericson has uncovered the REAL cause of dead batteries that can actually be reversed. (NO it’s not corrosion)

He set out to create a simple method that was cheap, easy to do, and incredibly effective at bringing old batteries back to life again – so you can re-use your old batteries instead of buying as many new expensive batteries.
If you want to discover how you can immediately extend the life of your old batteries, take the 30-second quiz now…


Service Business Ideas to Earn Money Today

Service Business Ideas to Earn Money Today

Learn how to turn your service business ideas into cash starting today if you take action. This costs you nothing to start so you have everything to gain. You just need to read this page and take action.

How I Turned My Service Business Ideas Into Cash

I am going to fist tell you that a service business is the way to go in 2020 and beyond. A lot of people have lost jobs due to Covid 19 and continue to struggle every day sense unemployment has run out.

I was lucky because I started my service business 8 months before COVID. I was still working a JOB and hated it. But for me I was lucky because I actually stumbled on the service business idea by accident.

How I Discovered My Service Business Idea

I had been trying to make money online for years and the problem was is that I could never follow one path. I would get silver bullet syndrome every time someone came out with a new money making idea. They all promised you could earn money fast while sitting home in just a few hours a day.

I finally learned after spending thousands on different systems and promises that it is really possible to make money sitting at home in your underwear as long as you have a steady flow of traffic to your offers.

My Big Idea

So I decided I needed to learn SEO or Search Engine Optimization to get visitors to my websites. Yes, I had a few and still do 🙂 I searched the internet looking for an SEO Course that was good but cheap. I finally found this guy named Ruan Marino who had a following on YouTube and had a $99 SEO Course, so I joined the group.

Connecticut Handyman Services Was Borne

Now that I had paid for this course I needed to create a website from scratch and do everything this guy told me to do in order to rank my new website. ( Keep in mind this website wasn’t intended to be my business just a stepping stone to my online websites )

To my surprise within 30 days of creating my website Connecticut Handyman Services and following the SEO course, my site was ranking on the first page in google for the keyword “Connecticut handyman services Waterbury” and shortly after I started receiving calls.

I Just Ignored The Phone Calls

Because I was focused on being an online marketer and not a handyman I ignored the phone calls for over a year. Building out the website and all the assets just made the phone calls come more and more. I was coming to the realization that local searches were easier to rank for than global searches for marketing digital products online.

So I got my first SEO client and using the skills I learned I was ranking his plumbing website in less than 6 months. I really didn’t want to be an SEO Service Provider and even though I still have this client today I haven’t made any effort to get more.

My Handyman Service Business Idea Came To Reality

After ignoring the phone calls that were now coming in so often and hating the JOB I was in my beautiful wife said ” why don’t you take some of those handyman calls “

DAAA why didn’t I think of that?

But I Didn’t Know Anything About The Handyman Service Business

Entry door wood rot service business ideas
A Rotted Entry Door Service Business Ideas

This was the scary thing I knew nothing about the Handyman Service Business idea. What could I do? How much should I charge? all that was going through my mind as I started answering the phone calls.

I Was Scared to Death

I truly believe everyone has fear of the unknown. But even though I was scared and afraid of making an ass out of myself I started answering phone calls. My plan was to just take the calls I felt comfortable with. but guess what? None of them seemed comfortable for me. So I just went ahead and took my first gig.

  • Did I make mistakes? Yes
  • Did I short change my estimates? Yes
  • Did I take on work I didn’t know how to do? Yes

Taking Action And Pushing Through Your Fears Helps You Grow

To make a long story short 6 months after I started taking phone calls I was able to quit my JOB. Lucky for me cause we all had no idea that COVID 19 was about to crush this country’s economy and I would have lost my JOB anyway.

Turning Service Business Ideas Into Reality

I truly believe everyone has some kind of skill so there is hundreds of service business ideas out there that could help people everywhere provide for themselves and their families in these uncertain times. This is your opportunity to turn lemons into lemonade and stop depending on society to create job opportunities that will never last ending you in the same reality.

It is Time To Take Control Of Your Destiny

So what kind of service business ideas are there and how do you know if your service business idea will be a money maker. Well honestly only you can answer that question because every service idea is a potential money maker. It is up to you to take action and make it happen. Below are a few service business ideas I can think of right off the bat.

  • Handyman Services
  • Lawn Care Services
  • Cooking Services
  • House Cleaning Services
  • Shopping Services
  • Dog Walking Services
  • Pet Day Care
  • In-home Laundry Services
  • Furniture Assembly

This is just skimming the surface of the possibilities out there. You need to ask yourself what is it you are good at and most likely there is a need for that service.

How To Start Your Service Business Idea

Once you have decided what you want to do you need to let the world know about your new service business idea. There are a few ways to do it, it is called advertising. Advertising comes in many forms and so there are forms of advertising that cost nothing. So there are no out of pocket expenses just your time and effort.

Since owning a website is going to be your biggest asset in getting phone calls this next section is pretty in-depth. But once you have all the assets in place it just needs regular TLC to keep it up. And the best part is except for the annual domain fee of $12 per year and website hosting of about $15 a month all your traffic is FREE.

Build A Website With SEO In Mind

Building a website is the main advertising platform that will work for you 24 – 7 – 365 and never complain. The thing is though depending on what you decide to do for a service Business it might take a while before you start getting calls.

But in my experience Services like handyman, lawn care, or doggie daycare aren’t really saturated. In most cases, if there are other websites out there giving you competition I bet 99% aren’t even in business anymore or they won’t answer the phone.

Own Your Website

What I mean by that is do not create a website using Wix or any other free website builder. Why? Because you do not own the site. You have no control over the back end and they could shut you down without notice. Plus good luck ranking in Google when you can’t optimize your website.

Website Hosting

In order to have your own website that you own you first need a domain name. This is the .com you will use to inform people what your site is all about. Examples are Connecticuthandyman.com – tristateroofing.com it is important to get a .com if you can. So what do you want to call your business? Below is a video I about domain research.

Service Business Ideas

Where To Buy Your Domain Name

You can buy a domain name from any Registrar Like GoDaddy, Bluehost, or HostGator but my suggestion is to use Namecheap.com their domains are half the cost of the others and you can keep all your domains in one place.

PRO-TIP If you buy your domain through Namecheap.com you get your first year of Privacy for free.

Where To Get Website Hosting

Now that you have a domain name you need to host it somewhere so you can build a website on it. I use HostGator myself but another good hosting company is Bluehost. These two are comparable in price and also have a cPanel which you need to have to use your website.

Pro-Tip do not get hosting through GoDaddy or Wix or any other site like them because if you want a cPanel or even WordPress you have to pay extra for those services you get for free with HostGator or Bluehost.

Below is a video that explains how to sign up to Bluehost. It is basically the same procedure for HostGator. Don’t pay attention to the dollar amounts in the video as they are not in U.S. Currency. Just watch and learn.

Now It Is Time To Build A Website for your Service Business Ideas

Once you have your hosting account and you received your welcome letter log into your cPanel using the login credentials from the email. Save this document as it is very important. Watch the video below to learn how to set up your site.

Service Business Ideas

Installing A Theme For Your Website

The next step is to install a theme to your website. There are a gazillion WordPress themes out there so there is a lot to choose from. However you want your site to reflect your business and also you want a reliable theme that is updated regularly and that is easy to create.

Below is a short video that will help you find a theme for your service business ideas.

I can also install a premium DIVI theme for your website if you wish. My fee is $50 per install and you would be responsible for creating the content. Just contact me using the contact tab above

Service Business Ideas

Setting Up Your Google Search Console

Now that you have a simple WordPress install we want to be able to track our visitors and be able to see what is working in our online strategy and how we can improve our content for more traffic which equals more business. So we need to set up Google search console to do that.

First of all to set up your google search console you need to have a Gmail account. Since this is going to be for your business I suggest you set up a Gmail account in your business name. But if you already have a Gmail account you can use that it is up to you.

Service Business Ideas

Create A Google my Business Account

Now that you have a website you need a Google My Business Account or GMB. This account helps me get the majority of my business and my website enhances this feature. For local services it is very important for any local service business to have both a website and a GMB. The video below will explain how to set up your GMB

Service Business Ideas

Local SEO

Now that everything is set up you need to do some Local SEO so your Local Service Business Idea can show up in the Search Results so you can get clients or customers. There is a lot to know about Local SEO but this tutorial from Ahref.com will guide you in the right direction.

Service Business Ideas

Personal Training

If you would like me to help you personally all you need to do for now is ask by contacting me.

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