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Handyman For Hire Simple Fast Easy Honest Service Call Now CT handyman services, the only place you will need to stop. Hire My Handyman Services for jobs No One Wants like, painting, ceiling fan install or repair, Sheetrock repair, or leaking faucets plus anything else you can come up with.


Roofing Service Handyman For Hire

Need someone that won’t mess around when you have roofing problems? Well when you hire CT Handyman we don’t mess around with what is over your head. Connecticut Handyman can tackle any kind of roof out there.

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You will never find us at home advisor because they don’t treat their tradesman well.

Painting Services For Hire

Hire Ct Handyman because there are a lot of people out there that call themselves painters but couldn’t paint themselves out of a room if their life depended on it. But when you hire CT Handyman you are covered again because if you need painting done we do more than just slapping paint on the wall.

Sheet Rock Repairs

Did you or someone else accidentally put a doorknob through the wall or perhaps a fist? Connecticut Handyman has you covered again. If you look on the internet for handyman services most of the time you get a contractor. Contractors won’t come out to your home to patch a hole in the sheetrock. If that happens to you hire CT handyman for that job.

Hire Us For Ceiling Fan Replacement or Installation

When you hire Connecticut Handyman We can fix or repair or replace your old ceiling fans. Try and get a contractor to do that at an affordable price. That will never happen, but hire CT Handyman and the job will get done fast and affordably.

Plumbing Repairs

Have a faucet that leaks or even a pipe under the sink. Again, contractors won’t do that. I think Connecticut Handyman services is the only real handyman on the internet in Connecticut. Most of the time to fix the leak will only cost you $60 unless you need to replace the faucet.

Need A Flat Screen Mounted On The Wall

Well, you don’t need to ask this old house how to do it. But it does take some skill to do this. Again when you hire Ct Handyman we have you covered. We can install your flatscreen tv, mirrors, pictures, or anything else you need to be hung in your home.

Bottom line We Are Handyman For Hire

You can rest assured when you call CT Handyman we are really handymen, not contractors. That is the difference. Contractors will not touch handyman work even though they might advertise themselves as handymen. Hire a real handyman and get the work you need to be done fast and easy at an affordable price.

Call Connecticut Handyman Services you Handyman For Hire in Connecticut.

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