Handyman Services Milford CT

Handyman Services Waterbury CT and Surrounding Areas Fast And Reliable

Handyman Services that Connecticut Handyman provides are listed but are not limited to the types of services you may find below. The reason for that is some instances of repairs might not be listed because of there uniqueness.

Rental Turnover Services

Handyman Services Rental Turnover Services picture of rental turnover keys and contract

Rental Turnover Services are services that help property owners and property management companies. When an apartment or home that goes vacant In The Hartford area and surrounding towns because the tenants moved out someone has to get the property read to be rented again.


TV Mounting Services

Handyman Services picture of a man mounting a tv

In need of someone to mount that new flat screen TV you just bought? Well I can help with that.


Ceiling Fan Installation

Handyman Services picture of ceiling fan

If you need a ceiling fan installed I can help. Just give me a call.


Window Re-screaning

Handyman Services picture of rescreening a window

Have you screens that are ripped, old or just need a makeover? I can re-screen most windows. Just give me a call


Dry Wall Repair

Before and after pictures of a drywall ceiling repair Handyman Services

I can repair most any drywall problems. Someone put their foot through the bathroom ceiling here.


Power Washing

Deck Pressure Wash before and after handyman Services

If your deck looks like the one above just give me a call and I can make it look brand new


light Plumbing

plumbing system

If you have a leaky faucet in you kitchen or bathroom chances are you don’t need to pay a plumber premium precises to get it fixed. Just give me a call


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