CT Handyman ceiling fan installation is professionally installed. If this is a new installation we will place the fan to your specification. If you have existing fans that need some TLC we can do that too. Sometimes you don’t need a new fan you just need a fan to remodel.

Also, we will install your ceiling fan in an existing fixture outlet. If there is no outlet to connect the ceiling fan to you will need to hire an electrician to run power to where you want the ceiling fan installed.

How Long Does It Take For A Ceiling Fan Installation

If the fan is being replaced with adequate wiring, switches, and support in place, a typical ceiling fan replacement can be installed in less than one hour.

If on the other hand, we need to install a new switch or upgraded wiring and supports first you will need to contact an electrician to run the power. Then mounting the supports will take an extra hour.

When adding a ceiling fan in a new location, running completely new wiring for a switch and fixture can take an entire day or more.

What size Ceiling Fan Do I Need

Before we consider what size fan we need, it’s important to consider the dimensions and height of the room where it will be installed. Basically, a 36” fan is suited for a room in which the longest wall is less than 12’, while a 42”-48” fan is better for rooms with a length of 12’-15’. For larger rooms, you’ll need a fan at least 52” in diameter. For more guidance, call CT Handyman

Ceiling Fan Installation Near Me guide

Ceiling Fan Installation Guide

Can I install A Ceiling Fan By Myself

Yes, you can install a ceiling fan yourself. It is especially easy if you have a spot where a light fixture is or was installed already. You just swap out the fixtures. But before you do remember safety first. Be sure there is no electricity going to the box or you will be in for a “shocker”.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Ceiling Fan With Existing Wiring?

This job will take me about an hour to do. I would charge a flat fee of $75 to install a ceiling fan that has existing wiring and a spot to mount it to.

What Is The Red Wire For When Installing A Ceiling Fan and What Colors Go Together

When installing a ceiling fan most of the time you are going to have three wires. These will be Red, Blue, and Black. The red wire will normally be hooked to the hot wire coming from the home power source.


The color of the hot wire coming from the home is usually white and the black is negative. You would then connect the black and blue together with the black wire coming from the home.

In older homes, you have no ground wire per se so you would just ground out to the body of the fixture or the box itself.

If you have any questions or looking for ceiling fan installation near me please contact me at 203-701-9612

Always keep safety in mind. If you are unsure about what you are doing please seek out the help of a professional. Electricity is nothing to fool with. It can cause harm or even death if handled incorrectly.

Not to mention you could even burn your house down if wired in the wrong way.

Installing a ceiling fan is not hard to do if you just follow the direction that comes with every fan. You can even call support for the fan that should be on the instructions.

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