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Your deck is an investment in your property and should be maintained. Deck Repair should be done regularly so it is safe, looks great, and can provide you with the outdoor pleasure it was designed for. I have been finding that after a deck has been built, it is then ignored for years. It is like flushing your hard-earned money down the toilet.

Connecticut Handyman Has Been doing a lot of deck repair this summer. In this post I am going to talk about:

  • Deck Repair
  • Deck Maintenance
  • How To Maintain Your Deck
  • Signs To Look Out For Possible Repairs

Deck Repair and Maintenance Services

Deck Repair and Maintenance How Can I Maintain My Deck

If you have just built a new deck you want to protect your investment. A regular maintenance schedule should be implemented to protect your new deck from the natural elements which will destroy your investment in a relatively short amount of time if not cared for.

The Most Common Problems That a Deck Will Incur Over A Year Or Two If Not Maintained

  • Wood will get loose, crack or get rotten
  • Boards will become too pliant
  • Handrails will become loose
  • Support posts will become weak or rotten
  • The structure may cause drainage issues
  • Rodents or vermin may cause problems

This is why deck repair and maintenance need to be an ongoing event. Your deck can become a dangerous place if not looked after and inspected regularly. Call Connecticut Handyman for a deck Repair Inspection at 203-701-9612

Maintaining A New Or Refurbished Deck

Ok, you just spent a ton of money either building or refurbishing your deck. To keep it beautiful and usable for a long time you need to take care of it. The first thing is to schedule an annual cleaning of the deck.

Keep Your Wood Protected Materials Used For Cleaning Your Deck

Wood is an organic element with fundamental qualities that partner well with the exterior setting, but it is very important to conduct normal upkeep. Cleaning up solutions and wood brighteners are good choices to bring back the organic appeal of your wood deck.

Be sure to check out the container to make sure the cleaner is appropriate for the wood types taken advantage of for your deck. There are normally 3 kinds of cleansers: chlorine bleach solutions destroy mold and mold, oxygen bleaches remove mildew, as well as help, recover weathered gray wood, as well as oxalic acid-based solutions, are optimal brighteners when mildew is not a concern.

A simple garden hose with a sprayer is best to wash the cleaner from your deck. Some favor utilizing a power washer, which can be a good way to clear your deck of crud, as well as some tools also have reservoirs for holding mild detergents. When taking advantage of a power washer on your wooden deck, adjust it at the lowest pressure feasible, around 500 psi.

Check The Hardware Holding Your Deck Together

Even in more pleasant regions, temperature adjustments can strain wood and metal fasteners, so deck upkeep is essential regardless of where you live. Check for and change wood that is broken or distorted, paying unique attention to any areas that often tend to continue to be wet or are regularly exposed to water. Check that deck railings are solid by giving them a strong push, there shouldn’t be any swaying.

Checking your deck’s hardware is essential also– particularly the flashing. Flashing is the steel or plastic guard that directs water off of sensitive locations, normally where the deck and your home touch. Make sure to provide all nails, screws also support a checkup and tighten or change where essential.

Move Plants and Furniture Around Once in Awhile

Plants and furniture especially rugs can trap moisture and cause the wood to rot prematurely

Address Spills and Stains Promptly

You may not think as much about stains on your deck as you do on your carpet, but try to wipe up food and drink spills as soon and as well as you can. Food can attract wood-loving insects, and over time, those spills can make your deck look a little worse for the wear.

Make sure you have your deck pressure washed at least once a year and before you put down any stain or paint.

Signs That You Need Deck Repair Or Replacement

Check The Wood Posts and Beams For Rot

Wood rot is never a great sign, regardless of what part of the house it impacts. If it’s left uncontrolled, rot can trigger adequate destruction to affect the structural integrity of your house.

Current building ordinance regulations specify that professionals must build decks on concrete grounds, yet if your deck is older, its support posts might rest directly on the ground. Dirt is seldom completely dry, as well as raw wood– consisting of some pressure-treated selections— will soak up any type of moisture in the ground. Dampness deteriorates timber over time, so take a close check out your deck’s messages every couple of months.

Check to See If Your Footings Are Heaving Or Rocking

Image of footing that has rocked out of place deck repair

Shifted Footing Deck Repair

Above is a picture of a footing that has rocked out of place.

Concrete footings absolutely enhance the long-term structural stability of your deck, but under some circumstances, they may not be best. If the original deck footings were poured on dirt that has either moved considerably gradually or that was unpredictable to start with, the concrete may fracture or drop.

Years of winter, as well as freeze/thaw cycles, can likewise take their toll on concrete deck grounds. This is specifically the situation in cooler climates, where the cold and also thawing can cause the concrete to heave as well as a drop if the footings weren’t put deep enough.

Has Your Deck Simply Not Been Maintained

images of deck deterioration deck repair

Deck Repair Deteriorated Wood

Residence upkeep never ends, and it doesn’t take long for the listing of tasks to increase as well as get out of hand. Decks that aren’t kept regularly won’t last long.

If you’ve purchased a house with a doubtful deck, don’t take a wait-and-see strategy. A reliable deck service provider can check the structure and tell you whether the deck is secure. Your deck might need just a couple of uncomplicated repair work, or it may be fairly old as well as not constructed to current safety codes. Regardless, it’s ideal to understand for sure what you’re dealing with– and whether or not you’ll require a brand-new deck.

Son repairing deck

deck Repair replacing old rotted boards

The Bottom Line When It Comes To Deck Repair

Your deck is an extension of your home and a wonderful place to entertain your friends and family. Keep your deck safe and avoid costly deck repair by maintaining your deck with a regular maintenance schedule. Give Connecticut Handyman Services a call at 203-701-9612 to schedule an appointment for me to come and assess your deck.

I am affordable because I price the job with an honest day’s pay in mind. I am not out to get rich I just like what I do and love to help good people.

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