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Drywall Repair Cost and Repair CaDrywall Repair Cost drywall calculatorlculator So You Know You Are Getting The Best Price for your drywall repairs. We are not the most expensive or the cheapest but we are the best

Drywall Repair Cost When an accident happens (and it will) you want someone reliable to do your drywall repairs but what exactly does drywall cost to repair?

When figuring out the cost for a drywall repair job you have to take into consideration how much time will it take which is equal to labor cost, how big the job is that will equal the repair materials, and do you want it painted or are you going to do that?

The Drywall Cost Calculator

So what I have done here is given you a link to a drywall cost calculator. Just CLICK HERE and you will be taken to the calculator which opens in a new window. here you can put in your zip code and how many repairs you have then you will see a high and low price for your drywall repair cost.

This will at least give you a good idea of how much your drywall repair cost should be. A little knowledge is a good thing.

 Dry Wall Repair Big Or Small

When you start talking about drywall repair costs there are big jobs and small jobs. So what is the difference?

Basically a small job is where you might put a doorknob through the drywall or moving a piece of furniture and you nick the drywall or the most common is a leak in the ceiling that produces a brown stain that just won’t go away by painting it.

A larger drywall job might be a basement that leaked water and you have to take out two feet from the bottom all around the basement. Or walls that need to be done over and the same for a ceiling.

Pricing Drywall Repairs

At Connecticut Handyman Services the way we calculate drywall repair cost is by how big the job is. Remember that even with the small jobs it is not just a patch and go situation. Because it takes more than one coat of compound to patch any damage drying time is considered and multiple trips are needed to get the final result.

So at Connecticut Handyman, we schedule blocks of time for each job. If it is a small hole repair we charge a 2-hour minimum for two visits. On the first visit, we repair the hole and put the first coat of compound. Then on the second visit, we put on the final coat, sand and paint if necessary.

On larger repairs, we may have to schedule 3 half-day visits to complete the job. so this will give anyone a ballpark of the time involved in a drywall repair and the cost associated with those repairs.

If you need a drywall repair and want a quote just give CT Handyman Services a call and we will be glad to help.

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