Drywall Repair Milford CT by Connecticut Handyman Services. I am experienced in drywall repair. I can fix the hole in your wall or water damage in your ceiling. I often get asked what is the difference between drywall and sheetrock. The answer is nothing. They are the same thing. Sheetrock is just a brand name of drywall.

drywall repair milford ct

Drywall Repair Milford CT

7 Different Kinds Of Drywall

Even though drywall and sheetrock are the same things, it is also good to note there are 7 verities of sheetrock… The information that follows comes from The Balance Small Business

  1. Regular Drywall or White Board

Regular drywall is normally white on one side and brown on the other. It probably is the most economical drywall type and comes in different sizes ranging in thickness from 3/8 inches to one inch. This is the most common type used and is normally available in four-by-eight-foot panels.

2. Green Board Drywall
Green board drywall, also known as moisture-resistant drywall, has a green covering that makes it more resistant to moisture than regular drywall.

It is somewhat more expensive, but be aware that it is not waterproof, so don’t use it if it’s going to be in contact with water. It is also often used as a tile backer in limited wet areas such as bathroom and basement walls, plus kitchens, and laundry and utility rooms.

3. Blue Board Drywall
Blue board drywall is also known as plaster baseboard. Blue board is used for veneer plastering, and the surface paper has special absorption qualities.

It has a high water and mold resistance and there are fewer steps involved in veneer plastering. Blue board drywall is not made for mud, tape, or paint. It works extremely well in bathrooms or places with a lot of moisture and helps reduce noise.

4. Paperless Drywall
Paperless drywall has been replacing paper drywall. This type of drywall is covered with fiberglass instead of paper, which protects the gypsum board from rot and offers even greater resistance to mold and mildew.

The quality of the board is a little tougher than regular drywall, but some construction pros find it easier to cut. Paperless drywall has some ​slight textures that will require applying joint compound to achieve a smooth clean finish drywall level.

5. Purple Drywall
Purple drywall offers the same advantages as regular drywall, but with superior moisture- and mold-resistant characteristics.

It can be used with all wall and ceiling applications and is ideally suited where enhanced moisture and mold resistance is desired. If it is going to be in contact with water, this is the one to use.

6. Type X Drywall
This is the so-called fire-resistant drywall. Several thicknesses can be used in layers to achieve a higher fire rating. It is harder to cut and work than regular drywall and normally is used in garages, rooms, and apartment buildings, as it is required by several building codes.

Type X drywall is made with special non-combustible fibers. It normally comes in 5/8-inches thickness and its extra thickness can also improve its soundproofing characteristics.

To receive the “Type X” designation, a gypsum board must achieve at least a one-hour fire-resistance rating for a 5/8-inch board or a 3/4-hour rating for a 1/2-inch board in a single layer, nailed on each face of load-bearing wood framing members.

7. Soundproof Drywall
Soundproof drywall is composed of laminated drywall made with a mix of wood fibers, gypsum, and polymers increasing the STC (sound transmission class).

This drywall is denser than regular drywall so it might be a little harder to cut than other types of drywall. Due to its soundproofing characteristics, it is used in areas where noise is a problem or when silence is required in a room.

This one might be used in your family room walls or, if you are a musician, it might help you in your music room.​

Drywall Installation Milford CT

Drywall repair Milford CT

Drywall Repair Milford CT by CT Handyman Services

When you call Connecticut Handyman Services For any drywall repair in the Milford CT area, I will respond quickly. If I am not available when you call me, I will gladly put you on my schedule if you can wait.

I am only one person but I want to help as many people in Milford CT as I can.

Where Can I Find A Handyman In Milford CT

I often get this question if I can not come out to do a repair service right away. My answer is I don’t know. It is hard to find a person to do small jobs that won’t try and retire on your dime.

Doing drywall repair in Milford CT is just one thing I am good at. I can also repair rotted doors or entryways that are rotted from exposure due to water invasion.

Rotted Bathroom Floor

Drywall Repair Milford CT

Bathrooms are notorious for water damage. Sometimes people will ask me if I can just patch a rotted floor. But honestly, it could be deeper than meets the eye.

This is where a lot of repair people will try and make a lot of money because they can justify just about any cost they want to. I will do what is necessary to fix or repair rotted floors. Just realize quoting such a job is difficult until you know the extent of the damage.

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