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When you need your deck, home, grill or swing set to look new again Think Power Washing CT by Connecticut Handyman.

Power washing CT I service the region with my professional power washing services that are affordable and cost-effective. In the photo above I really thought this deck was shot. But after power washing it the end result was great.

I also did this house that was not only dirty but had mold growing on it. Here is a before and after of that job.

You wouldn’t think your home would need to be power washed but over time dirt, suit, grime, and whatever else can get thrown at your house eventually sticks.

Even if you can’t see it your home could come to rot or deterioration of the material it is made of because of some of the toxic elements in the environment.

Decks that are not taken care of eventually rot out from exposure from the elements even if it is pressure treated wood. So a power washing once a year or at least every other year is essential.

Power Washing CT before and after pictures of a home powerwashed


So as you can see most things come out pretty good after a good power washing. Give CT Handyman Services A Call, we are ready to power wash anything you need. Visit our website https://connecticuthandymanservices.com where we do other handyman services like:

  • Ceiling repair
  • Door repair
  • General Maintenance
  • Window repair
  • Drywall repair
  • Drain cleaning
  • Screen Repair
  • painting
  • Floor Install
  • Cabinet refacing
    And much more, give Connecticut Handyman Services A Call at 203-701-9612

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