From Time To Time Window Rescreening Is Inevitable

When your window screens need fixing No Need To Buy New Ones Call Me and Check Out My Professional Window Rescreening services in Milford CT

I provide window rescreening services in Milford because Window screens always get holes in them and window re-screening is the answer. Yes, you could repair them yourself if you wanted to. But if you don’t have the time or just don’t want to be bothered you can call Connecticut Handymans window rescreening services in Milford CT

We can take care of those window screens fast and professionally finished. You will love the way your screens look when we are done. I guarantee it.

But if you want to try and repair your screens yourself just watch this short video and see how fast and easy it is.

What, you still want CT Handyman Services to repair those screens for you? Alright, just give us a call at 203-701-9612 or message us and we will get back to you A.S.A.P.

At Connecticut Handyman we like to get back to our clients within 5 minutes. But hay I might be driving. But I promise I will get back to you as soon as the car is not moving.

So let’s get those holy screens fixed OK? and if you want to try and fix your screens yourself but need the tools you can Visit Disclosure which is an affiliate link which means I get a very small commission if you buy through this link. “Screen Repair Kit“

Why Window ReScreening is better

window rescreening

Window ReScreening is better because most likely you won’t be able to find screens for your window in the local Home Depot. You will have to have them custom made and just that word custom sounds expensive.

Window ReScreening replaces the old metal screening material with new PVC-like material that is tear-resistant and resistant to animal claws. Notice I said resistant. Any screen can be ripped or cut but with normal wear and tear, new re-screened windows will look nicer and last.

Window Rescreening is affordable

At an average cost of $25 for Rescreening a window, it is much cheaper than going out and buying them period. I learned how to do this when I lived in Florida for a while. Re-screening lanai was a common occurrence there. You couldn’t buy screens for them because they are all custom.

So I bring that knowledge to Waterbury CT and provide a service that is cost-effective and economical. If you have window screens that have holes in them or they are ripped give me a call.

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