how to keep batteries charged

How to keep batteries charged indefinitely. Power outages will happen. Keeping groceries, medications, and communications up is a major concern. Problem Solved. Now there is a solution to keeping every battery in your home charged. Generators need gas. During an outage, you may not have access to gas. Having a backup battery supply will solve the problem.

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You Can Even Bring Dead Batteries Back To Life (Never Buy another Battery Again)

4 Things You Absolutely Need Even If The Power Is Out

I have experienced a few extended power outages in my time due to the weather. I remember people not having water, gas, refrigeration, and the worst were people who relied on medical equipment to run off of electricity suffered and died. If more people knew about this simple technique to revive batteries no matter what kind, no one would have had to die that way.

The Need For Communication

Without power, you can not communicate once your phone battery has died. You can not use your computer or get on the internet. if you have no way to charge your batteries you are left without communication in an emergency.

The Need For Refrigeration

Without refrigeration, you can not keep food, Ice, and even some medications viable.

The Need To Run Medical Devices

Some medical devices rely on battery power to keep operating.

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We all know batteries are expensive and prices keep going up.

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