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how to power off gridHow to Power Off Grid Affordable Breakthrough You Got to See. This simple 4 square foot vertical tower breakthrough will take the place of any other option today and will deliver 2000% more electricity compared to traditional solar panels. This is mobile, move it anywhere you want with ease.

Powering Off Grid usually means you have to use a generator or windmill, or solar panels. These are bulky, not mobile, and for generators, you need some sort of fuel for them to run.

But that isn’t the case for this technology that was discovered back in 2012 by MIT.

Did you know that traditional solar panels waste 85% – 90% of the energy they get from the sun being highly inefficient. But the discovery by MIT actually closed the 85% – 90% gap that reduced energy waste almost entirely.

You Would Think This Would Have Revolutionized The Solar Industry

This would have made solar energy affordable for everyone reducing the cost per kilowatt almost 10 times making the cells 100% efficient for the same base.

But for some unknown reason, this breakthrough was covered up for almost 7 years

This small 4 square foot vertical tower is virtually an endless self-sustained power source that will work even if it is cloudy. Making it the perfect power source for off grid applications or even your home.

This unit is literally 4 foot high, a lightweight, solar power plant that can be placed anywhere. So it is extremely versatile and portable.

This small unit can reduce your power bill, power up a cabin can be used as a stand-by generator, or as a generator for camping and fishing or for emergency situations.

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To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Cut Utility Bills in Half

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The system you are looking at is full 3d giving up to 2,000 percent more electricity than regular solar panels. This has been proven by MIT researchers. Here’s what engineering.com has to say about 3d photovoltaics. Photovoltaic panels are typically attached to the roof of a building with a fixed mount.

The panels are optimized to face south in the northern hemisphere and tilted at an angle that optimizes production. Unfortunately, a fixed mount only optimizes the array for one time of the day one day of the year PV panels work best when the sunlight hits the panel exactly perpendicular to the panel itself.

solar farm

Solar farms use tracking motors or a robotic method of adjusting the panels so they always face the Sun directly. This is fine for utility-scale solar farmers but for individual buildings and small-scale production, the motors add a lot to the cost and complexity of the system while not increasing your production enough to justify those costs. In those cases, it’s more often cost-effective to simply purchase more PV panels especially since their prices decreased a lot.

Of course that requires a larger footprint as you can see in the photo and land isn’t cheap. Researchers at MIT are wondering why PV designers insist on thinking in only two dimensions. They’ve come up with a novel approach 3d structures. Sunlight can reach panels directly as shown in this photo but light also reflects off of various surfaces on the ground.

With panels facing the Sun the reflective light reaching the PV panels is negligible. Using this 3d arrangement, the reflected light reaches the panels that are angled downwards. The downward-facing panels also grab sunlight when the Sun is lower in the sky such as early morning late afternoon and in the winter.

3D array

MIT researchers first developed a computer model that ran simulations to determine the optimum configuration of panels for consistent energy production throughout the day and the year.

Then they built several models and attach them to the roof of an MIT lab building. Field testing showed that the 3d array generated 200 to 2,000 percent more than a fixed array with the same footprint.

So your next question might be where do I buy some

Well, the answer is not that simple and as you might think. Even if this technology has been researched a few years ago no one actually got interested in manufacturing these panels. You might think that there must be an error to the design or something similar.

But the truth is that this goes much deeper than that. The design works perfectly as MIT researchers specified. I’ve personally built a small array of these panels and put it to the test.

In doing some side-by-side tests. The result was with a regular solar panel occupying an area of 2.6 feet by 4 feet generated a total of 80 watts. An array of 3D solar panels occupying the same space is generating an astonishing 1,000 watts.

In modern days the solar cells are very cheap and space to mount these panels become the main concern when it comes to generating thousands of watts of electricity that’s needed to power up a house or apartment.

Think about this, if you build three of these panels you have enough electricity to power your washing machine, one big fridge, a computer, and your efficient light bulbs from the entire house.

It’s true that this is bare to the limit but four panels would give you enough juice even on cloudy days. I am NOT going to do more math to show you how much money you’ll be saving by starting using these panels and I am NOT going to give you the “sell it back to the electricity company” speech as that’s less likely to happen anyway.

Only if you’re looking at this from a business point of view and have available enough room to install 10 or more of these 3D arrays.

Anyway, you all know how much you are spending on electricity each month and that you might find this useful in other situations as well where electricity is needed. Such as going fishing with the boat, camping or a survival scenario.

The applications of these 3d solar panels are endless electricity that is needed everywhere you go, and is used in almost all day-by-day items that you own.

Here’s the deal. I said from the beginning that I will keep it short. Building these 3d solar panels might look simple to replicate from the pictures released by MIT but there’s a lot of research into the angles chosen material dimensions type and number of cells that are used to build the 3d solar panel towers.

On top of that… I’m going to show you exactly what materials to use in order to get your panels built four times cheaper comparing to what a regular user would spend on materials.

Everything is put into a nice step-by-step video tutorial series. Each step is clearly described and made as easy as possible for everyone to follow. There is over eight hours of video compressed down to a little over one hour and ten pages of documentation and blueprints which will help you to build your first 3d solar panel as easily as possible.

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Getting this level of quality and making videos so explicit is not an easy task. You can now spend the extra seven hours cut for these videos to build a couple of 3d tower panels and get them installed in the same day that you decide to watch these videos.

Here’s what I have for you. A simple step-by-step video guide on how to create 3d solar panels. You will see how to build the panels in detail.

It’s like it is being built right in front of you… Once your first panel is constructed you can enjoy savings of $80 or more. Some people even went through the legal process and registered their panels and have power companies sending them a check of around $250 every month for all the electricity they are putting back into the grid.

You’ll be able to power up any kind of household appliances from lamps and toasters to electricity hogs like refrigerators and AC units.

You can even power up a remote cabin in the wilderness and stop worrying about having to pay the electric company $50,000 or more to hook you up to the grid. What’s more important is that these 3-d solar panels are built light and robust. They are portable, and it makes for one of the best emergency generators you can ever hope for.

Unlike flat solar panels, they won’t get blown off the roof by strong winds and hurricanes. Not only that but the 3d solar panels are built in a modular fashion and it makes it very easy to replace any part at any time without having to disassemble the entire system.

The bottom line is this if you want to cut the cord and free yourself from the electric company you will need to build your own 3d solar panels. The MIT intricate designs are translated into plain English so that anyone no matter what age or skill can make their own electricity and even get off the grid.

Here’s what you’ll find inside this simple step-by-step video guide.

  • How to build a 3d solar panel in under an hour
  • The complete blueprints color photos and step-by-step instructions to make your 3d solar panel even if you’ve never assembled anything in your entire life.
  • The amazing secret of getting your solar cells five times cheaper anyone can buy thousand-watt solar cells for under $100 with this simple trick.
  • Plus how to outsource the construction of the panels through an electrician for under $100 if you are really lazy.

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Now You Know How To Power Off Grid You Need To Store The Energy Somehow

The 3 Best Batteries For An Off Grid System

It’s the question that anyone using alternative energy inevitably asks at some point…

What are the best batteries for an off-grid energy system?

Because of the falling prices of renewable energy systems, more and more people are looking to use alternative energy sources as a way to:

  • Save money
  • Become more energy independent
  • And break their dependence on the big energy companies

Solar Battery Bank With Reconditioned BatteriesHowever, installing a renewable energy system, in most cases, requires you to make a considerable initial investment that you won’t get back for several years.

One of the biggest expenses associated with alternative energy systems is the batteries in the battery bank.

So choosing the correct batteries for your off-grid system is crucial (and keeping the batteries alive as long as possible is also critically important)!


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