Learn how to turn your service business ideas into cash starting today if you take action. This costs you nothing to start so you have everything to gain. You just need to read this page and take action.

How I Turned My Service Business Ideas Into Cash

I am going to fist tell you that a service business is the way to go in 2020 and beyond. A lot of people have lost jobs due to Covid 19 and continue to struggle every day sense unemployment has run out.

I was lucky because I started my service business 8 months before COVID. I was still working a JOB and hated it. But for me I was lucky because I actually stumbled on the service business idea by accident.

How I Discovered My Service Business Idea

I had been trying to make money online for years and the problem was is that I could never follow one path. I would get silver bullet syndrome every time someone came out with a new money making idea. They all promised you could earn money fast while sitting home in just a few hours a day.

I finally learned after spending thousands on different systems and promises that it is really possible to make money sitting at home in your underwear as long as you have a steady flow of traffic to your offers.

My Big Idea

So I decided I needed to learn SEO or Search Engine Optimization to get visitors to my websites. Yes, I had a few and still do 🙂 I searched the internet looking for an SEO Course that was good but cheap. I finally found this guy named Ruan Marino who had a following on YouTube and had a $99 SEO Course, so I joined the group.

Connecticut Handyman Services Was Borne

Now that I had paid for this course I needed to create a website from scratch and do everything this guy told me to do in order to rank my new website. ( Keep in mind this website wasn’t intended to be my business just a stepping stone to my online websites )

To my surprise within 30 days of creating my website Connecticut Handyman Services and following the SEO course, my site was ranking on the first page in google for the keyword “Connecticut handyman services Waterbury” and shortly after I started receiving calls.

I Just Ignored The Phone Calls

Because I was focused on being an online marketer and not a handyman I ignored the phone calls for over a year. Building out the website and all the assets just made the phone calls come more and more. I was coming to the realization that local searches were easier to rank for than global searches for marketing digital products online.

So I got my first SEO client and using the skills I learned I was ranking his plumbing website in less than 6 months. I really didn’t want to be an SEO Service Provider and even though I still have this client today I haven’t made any effort to get more.

My Handyman Service Business Idea Came To Reality

After ignoring the phone calls that were now coming in so often and hating the JOB I was in my beautiful wife said ” why don’t you take some of those handyman calls “

DAAA why didn’t I think of that?

But I Didn’t Know Anything About The Handyman Service Business

Entry door wood rot service business ideas
A Rotted Entry Door Service Business Ideas

This was the scary thing I knew nothing about the Handyman Service Business idea. What could I do? How much should I charge? all that was going through my mind as I started answering the phone calls.

I Was Scared to Death

I truly believe everyone has fear of the unknown. But even though I was scared and afraid of making an ass out of myself I started answering phone calls. My plan was to just take the calls I felt comfortable with. but guess what? None of them seemed comfortable for me. So I just went ahead and took my first gig.

  • Did I make mistakes? Yes
  • Did I short change my estimates? Yes
  • Did I take on work I didn’t know how to do? Yes

Taking Action And Pushing Through Your Fears Helps You Grow

To make a long story short 6 months after I started taking phone calls I was able to quit my JOB. Lucky for me cause we all had no idea that COVID 19 was about to crush this country’s economy and I would have lost my JOB anyway.

Turning Service Business Ideas Into Reality

I truly believe everyone has some kind of skill so there is hundreds of service business ideas out there that could help people everywhere provide for themselves and their families in these uncertain times. This is your opportunity to turn lemons into lemonade and stop depending on society to create job opportunities that will never last ending you in the same reality.

It is Time To Take Control Of Your Destiny

So what kind of service business ideas are there and how do you know if your service business idea will be a money maker. Well honestly only you can answer that question because every service idea is a potential money maker. It is up to you to take action and make it happen. Below are a few service business ideas I can think of right off the bat.

  • Handyman Services
  • Lawn Care Services
  • Cooking Services
  • House Cleaning Services
  • Shopping Services
  • Dog Walking Services
  • Pet Day Care
  • In-home Laundry Services
  • Furniture Assembly

This is just skimming the surface of the possibilities out there. You need to ask yourself what is it you are good at and most likely there is a need for that service.

How To Start Your Service Business Idea

Once you have decided what you want to do you need to let the world know about your new service business idea. There are a few ways to do it, it is called advertising. Advertising comes in many forms and so there are forms of advertising that cost nothing. So there are no out of pocket expenses just your time and effort.

Since owning a website is going to be your biggest asset in getting phone calls this next section is pretty in-depth. But once you have all the assets in place it just needs regular TLC to keep it up. And the best part is except for the annual domain fee of $12 per year and website hosting of about $15 a month all your traffic is FREE.

Build A Website With SEO In Mind

Building a website is the main advertising platform that will work for you 24 – 7 – 365 and never complain. The thing is though depending on what you decide to do for a service Business it might take a while before you start getting calls.

But in my experience Services like handyman, lawn care, or doggie daycare aren’t really saturated. In most cases, if there are other websites out there giving you competition I bet 99% aren’t even in business anymore or they won’t answer the phone.

Own Your Website

What I mean by that is do not create a website using Wix or any other free website builder. Why? Because you do not own the site. You have no control over the back end and they could shut you down without notice. Plus good luck ranking in Google when you can’t optimize your website.

Website Hosting

In order to have your own website that you own you first need a domain name. This is the .com you will use to inform people what your site is all about. Examples are Connecticuthandyman.com – tristateroofing.com it is important to get a .com if you can. So what do you want to call your business? Below is a video I about domain research.

Service Business Ideas

Where To Buy Your Domain Name

You can buy a domain name from any Registrar Like GoDaddy, Bluehost, or HostGator but my suggestion is to use Namecheap.com their domains are half the cost of the others and you can keep all your domains in one place.

PRO-TIP If you buy your domain through Namecheap.com you get your first year of Privacy for free.

Where To Get Website Hosting

Now that you have a domain name you need to host it somewhere so you can build a website on it. I use HostGator myself but another good hosting company is Bluehost. These two are comparable in price and also have a cPanel which you need to have to use your website.

Pro-Tip do not get hosting through GoDaddy or Wix or any other site like them because if you want a cPanel or even WordPress you have to pay extra for those services you get for free with HostGator or Bluehost.

Below is a video that explains how to sign up to Bluehost. It is basically the same procedure for HostGator. Don’t pay attention to the dollar amounts in the video as they are not in U.S. Currency. Just watch and learn.

Now It Is Time To Build A Website for your Service Business Ideas

Once you have your hosting account and you received your welcome letter log into your cPanel using the login credentials from the email. Save this document as it is very important. Watch the video below to learn how to set up your site.

Service Business Ideas

Installing A Theme For Your Website

The next step is to install a theme to your website. There are a gazillion WordPress themes out there so there is a lot to choose from. However you want your site to reflect your business and also you want a reliable theme that is updated regularly and that is easy to create.

Below is a short video that will help you find a theme for your service business ideas.

I can also install a premium DIVI theme for your website if you wish. My fee is $50 per install and you would be responsible for creating the content. Just contact me using the contact tab above

Service Business Ideas

Setting Up Your Google Search Console

Now that you have a simple WordPress install we want to be able to track our visitors and be able to see what is working in our online strategy and how we can improve our content for more traffic which equals more business. So we need to set up Google search console to do that.

First of all to set up your google search console you need to have a Gmail account. Since this is going to be for your business I suggest you set up a Gmail account in your business name. But if you already have a Gmail account you can use that it is up to you.

Service Business Ideas

Create A Google my Business Account

Now that you have a website you need a Google My Business Account or GMB. This account helps me get the majority of my business and my website enhances this feature. For local services it is very important for any local service business to have both a website and a GMB. The video below will explain how to set up your GMB

Service Business Ideas

Local SEO

Now that everything is set up you need to do some Local SEO so your Local Service Business Idea can show up in the Search Results so you can get clients or customers. There is a lot to know about Local SEO but this tutorial from Ahref.com will guide you in the right direction.

Service Business Ideas

Personal Training

If you would like me to help you personally all you need to do for now is ask by contacting me.

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