Need TV Mounting Services Because You Just Bought That dream TV and No One Can Come Out Till Next Week?

I get it, you need your new TV Mounting Services done now!! Not next week. I get it

Well at Connecticut Handyman we have got you covered with our professional TV Mounting Services

What I need tv mounting services To Mount The TV To? Yep, you just bought your new 4K high definition TV and never thought about mounting it. Not to fear because Connecticut Handyman has you covered. Let CT Handyman securely mount your new TV exactly where you need it to be.

Oh No I Didn’t Know I Needed TV Mounting Brackets To

Not to worry because CT Handyman has you covered. Just let us know the make, model, size, and whether you want a tilting mount, Fixed mount or full-motion mount for your new TV that needs to be mounted and we will pick it up on the way.

Customize your TV space just the way you want it. CT Handyman has experience with all types of mounting surfaces. Whether your wall is made of wood, plaster, drywall, brick, or even concrete, we’ll be able to mount your TV, no problem. Just be sure to let us know the details in the description field.

Mounting A TV To A Wall

When mounting a tv to a wall you need to take extra care that you can actually find at least one stud. That’s why you want my tv mounting services. I have a special tool that can find studs deep in the wall and also avoid electrical wires that might be running through it.

Also when tenants move out of a rental that had a TV mounted to the wall big holes from where the anchor bolts were are prevalent. When turning over the property to rent you need to repair the holes and repaint.

I will normally mount a TV for $100 if you have any questions you can call 240-882-7183


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