When I am asked what a handyman can do, I always can answer there are a lot of things a handyman can do that do not require a contractor’s license. Also how big of a job a handyman can do depends on the state and local laws. But these 20 things any handyman can do and require little to moderate skills. Here is a handyman services list I came up with…

  1. Light Plumbing Leaks
  2. Light Fixture Installation (Provided there is already a power source)
  3. Drywall Repair
  4. Spot Painting
  5. Replacing Faucets
  6. Re-calking tub and sinks
  7. Minor None Structural Deck Repair
  8. Gutter Cleaning
  9. Wood Rot Repair
  10. Step Repair
  11. Replacing Locks
  12. Door Hinge Adjustment
  13. Furniture Assembly
  14. Ceiling fan Installation
  15. Hanging Pictures
  16. HVAC Check Ups
  17. Water Heater Maintenance
  18. Yard Work
  19. Broken Tile Replacement
  20. Screen Repair

I am a working handyman in Milford CT. I am always asked what it is a handyman can do. The handyman services list I provided above is not everything but is the services I have been asked to do in Milford CT.

Does A Handyman Need A Licence

I know for a fact that in Milford CT and the State of Connecticut in general that a handyman does not need a license to provide services as long as they are not changing the structural integrity of a property.

Other states on the other hand have different laws and rules for handymen. So I have provided a source of all 50 states and what the laws in those states are pertaining to handymen. You can see it here.

what a handyman can do

Handyman vs Contractor What Is The Difference In What A Handyman Can Do

As a handyman in Milford CT I am always asked to do things I know I can’t do and that are more suited for a contractor. People who are looking for work to be done on their property only want 3 things. They want it done, and at the lowest cost, for the best product.

The first Google search for most homeowners is “Handyman Near Me” They do not know what the difference is between a handyman and a contractor. All they know is a handyman sounds cheaper.

If a handyman is ethical they know what they can and can’t do legally in their state. But more importantly what they are skilled to do. If a homeowner asks a handyman to build them a deck, and the handyman has never built a deck, but takes the job because it will make them money is not ethical.

In Milford CT a handyman can build a deck without permits if it is under 200 square feet. But if the handyman isn’t skilled enough to build the deck the resulting product will be a disaster.

Tips On How To Hire a Handyman

The homeowner should do their homework before hiring anyone to do anything on their property. The handyman could have the best website in the world and create amazing reviews, but in this world of deception, that means nothing.

If the potential handyman has a great website and a Google profile with reviews that is a good start. Why because you really can’t fake Google reviews. This is at least an indication the handyman is honest.

Meet the handyman in person and trust your gut when you talk to him or her. I have learned from being a handyman in Milford CT for the last 4 years to trust my gut when it comes to providing services. So the same should be with the homeowner.

If the handyperson doesn’t make sense or doesn’t seem to know what they are talking about RUN.

Ask the handyperson if they carry insurance. As a handyman myself in Milford CT I carry general liability insurance which protects me and the homeowner both.

Does the handyperson seem professional and clean? I don’t mean the handyperson has to be spotless as I have done estimates in Milford CT after doing a job that had left me less than clean. But I at least have a uniform, a truck with my signage, and a business card.

There are many things a handyman can do and some are dependant on the handyman skill and whether or not they can do it your state or not legally. It is up to the homeowner to make sure the laws are followed. If a handyman does something that needs a permit and none is pulled, it is the homeowner who will suffer not the handyman.

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