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Wood Rot Repair Comes In Many Forms

For instance, I started doing wood rot repair on decks. Then people were asking me to repair wood rot around door frames and windows. It grew from there. But I really got schooling when I started doing wood rot repair for DiGiori. They call it “rot remediation”.

I then started repairing wood rot on the sides of houses, rafters, sill plates, and rim joists. I am now working on a project in Woodbridge CT where the whole side of the house is rotted. (see image below)

wood rot repair milford ct

Can Wood Rot Be Repaired

Yes, any wood rot can be repaired. Depending on the function of the rotted wood, sometimes the rot can be repaired using a two-part epoxy. But if the wood rot is structural like a Sill plate or joists those kinds of wood rot repairs require replacing or sistering another piece of wood that will support the structure.

Is Wood Rot Repair Expensive

The expense of the wood rot repair depends on the function of the wood and the extent of the damage that has been done. Most of the time a homeowner has no idea they have rotted joists or rotted framing like the example in the image above.

All the homeowner knew is that he had some wood rot but had no idea of the extent of the damage. In the case above the whole backside of the home was rotted due to water issues caused by none functioning gutters.

This is an extreme case and has cost the homeowner 10’s of thousands of dollars for the wood rot repair.

On the other hand, I have done brick molding or door framing wood rot repair for under $100. So that is from one extreme to another. It just depends.

How do you fix rotted wood without replacing it?

As mentioned above you can use wood of the same dimensions and sister them together to create a structural bond. If the wood rot repair isn’t structural then you can use two-part epoxy to replace the wood rot.

The best advice I can give is to have Connecticut Handyman Services come out and look at the wood rot in question. I can then tell you my thoughts and give you options for your rot repair.

Most of the time your home will inevitably have rotted wood because of paint failure or just plain neglect. If you notice any rotted or rotting wood anywhere around your home it is best to get it taken care of as soon as possible before the damage gets so bad it gets to the extreme and costs thousands to repair.

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Can Home Owners Do Their Own Wood Rot Repair?

Of course, they can. When I first started I knew nothing about repairing wood rot. I had to watch YouTube videos to learn how. But if you are to busy or do not want to attempt the wood rot repairs yourself give me a call… 240-882-7183

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